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Thanks to all for spending some part of your weekend with us.

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Next month will feature “Eddie and Bingo” authors Katherine and Kathleen Taylor. It’s a dog gone high seas adventure for the kiddos. And, just in time for holiday gifts.

P.S.: Talk about a debut book! “To Kill a Mockingbird” still brings tears to my eyes. It’s this year’s national reading selection. Discussions of it are going on all over the United States. Treat yourself and read or re-read it and join in the discussions.


It’s time for questions

Hi all,

Cynthia has informed me she will be available this evening until Saturday noon. So, fire up the old computer and send those thoughts over quickly.

She will check in Sunday afternoon to see if any questions remain.

Also, I’ve misspelled her title. Begging pardon, Cynthia.

It’s Deva instead of diva.

Let’s begin by asking her to explain the term deva.

Enlighten us, Cynthia.

Natural remedy for colds and flu

Thea’s Gyspsy Cold Care
For coughs, colds and flu. Promotes circulation and elimination. Take 1 tsp. as needed in warm water or tea.

Elderberry Syrup

9 cups Fresh or frozen elderberries,
2 oz. fresh ginger chopped,
30 whole cloves
1 cup honey

Simmer elderberries, ginger and cloves until reduced. Strain, return to pot, add honey and simmer until reduced by half. bottle, refrigerate and use within three months.

I’ll be cutting the ingredients in half. Also, did a quick search around local stores websites. They have the berries!

This Saturday Thea Summer Deer will be with us talking about her book: “Wisdom of the Plant Divas”. Cook up some questions for her. If you need inspiration, take a look back over the last three or four posts and watch her video or go over to her website. It’s all good!

Learn how to find inner peace and better health. Find out about the philosophy behind a medicine wheel.

I have several friends who practice this.  All are very interesting people.  Wonderful to know.  Each time I’m around them our conversations are anything but mundane.  Proud to say I know them, too.

Hope you enjoyed her video.  Want more?  Try her blog:

Cynthia’s book is “The Plant Divas”.  She uses the name Thea Summer Deer.



The village herbalist

Cold and flu season is around the corner.  Learn how plants may help you make it a short or non-existent season with village herbalist, Cynthia L. Stacey.  “Wisdom of the Plant Devas” is the current featured book.

You’ve been asking the authors interesting questions.  I thank you for that and hope you’ll continue with Cynthia.  She’s also known as Thea Summer Deer.  Cynthia practices uses plants for healing, an art, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used.

Remember your grandmother made that tea or always gave a spoonful of black syrupy stuff.  Maybe you’ve never experienced that, but heard the elders in your family talk about it.  Now is the chance to ask her why or how.


Wisdom of the Plant Devas


“Ghost on Black Mountain” by Ann Hite flew off the shelves at the local Barnes and Noble.  She was the featured author last month.  Ann, I hope that was true all over.  Continued good sales to you!