Fog on the mountain

Ann Hite, author of Ghost on Black Mountain, is with us this weekend.   Here’s a photo she sent that inspired her.  Maybe it will get you going as well.  For me, the fog looks like it would cover you and your trail up and you’d never find a way out.   Can you picture something mysterious and shadowy walking out from the trees?  I get chilled just looking at it.

Ann, I want to know how you used this picture for inspiration.


Don’t be shy. Next weekend Ann will answer questions

Ghost on Black Mountain is on the shelves at Barnes and Noble and can be purchased on the net through Amazon and Simon and Schuster.  Ebook is available, too.

ANN HITE has written short stories, personal essays, and book reviews for numerous publications and anthologies. Ghost on Black Mountain, her first novel, is inspired by stories handed down through her family. It’s published by Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster. She lives in Atlanta.


The Paul and mother pictures were used on my desk when I wrote the story of Nellie and Hobbs. I love the second one with the old house and car. So these would be Nellie and Hobbs Pritchard.





I’m outta here!

The 150 year old church I used in Ghost On Black Mountain and in the book I’m currently working on.

There’s a funny story about this photo.

The church sits off the road a good quarter of a mile. It is no longer used as a church. When I took this photo, I hiked in by myself. I got in position, aim the camera, and a child-sized shadow scurried across the path in front of me about seven feet away. Now, I don’t believe in ghosts, so I began to look for what I saw. Maybe a fox or a bear, but neither of them would have been upright. What I saw looked to be a human form. I never found the answer. I went on to take the photo and then got out of there as fast as my new balance shoes would take me.

Ghost on Black Mountain comes out today!

Drum roll…

What an exciting moment for Ann and we can participate.  If we buy within a few days, her sales go up naturally, but beyond that she’ll have a shot at the bestsellers list as her numbers rise.  Let’s make it happen!


Here are some links to buy on-line if you’re store hasn’t put it out.

Her future was in the tea leaves


Nellie Clay married Hobbs Pritchard without even noticing he was a spell conjured into a man, a walking, talking ghost story. But her mama knew. She saw it in her tea leaves: death. Folks told Nellie to get off the mountain while she could, to go back home before it was too late. Hobbs wasn’t nothing but trouble. He’d even killed a man. No telling what else. That mountain was haunted, and soon enough, Nellie would feel it too. One way or another, Hobbs would get what was coming to him. The ghosts would see to that. . . .


Told in the stunning voices of five women whose lives are inextricably bound when a murder takes place in rural Depression-era North Carolina, Ann Hite’s unforgettable debut spans generations and conjures the best of Southern folk-lore—mystery, spirits, hoodoo, and the incomparable beauty of the Appalachian landscape.