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The village herbalist



Her book is “Wisdom of the Plant Devas”.
I’ve found it most readily available at http://www.amazon.com or on her website.


I’ll be taking a holiday next Friday in preparation for our family Christmas celebrations. Wishing you all peace and well-deserved rest as the year draws to a close. Of course, happy holidays, a joyous and prosperous new year, and safe travels!

“Final Salute” by Kathleen Rodgers

Her debut novel about life in the air force. Of course, she ought to know. She is married to a former jet jockey.

Inside this link, you’ll find how to purchase it from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle as well as reviews and a biography for her.

Merry reading!

P.S.: Ya know, I don’t understand why sometimes the links work and sometimes they don’t. This is a don’t. But, I have faith that you guys can research either her name or the tile on the web. Just saying…

Busy Month and Gift Ideas

My family has just about every birthday and anniversary smashed into this month. We are so busy! And, because you guys are preparing for the holidays, I’ll post about the authors and what they are doing now.

Think gift ideas, gang.

‘Scent of the Missing’ by Susannah Charleson goes viral:

Eddie and Bingo is a child’s storybook with a powerful moral

Parents, I’ve observed, are grateful for teaching moments. Here’s a child’s book, filled with illustrations, that creates exactly that.


A little while ago, a cat became trapped in a wall of the Dallas animal shelter. Neither the manager nor the employees and volunteers took action. The cat cried and scratched. Eventually, it died. Reading this made me sick.

That day, the Taylor’s book arrived. As I read it, I kept thinking of my great-niece who turned one this summer and who, in a few months, will be ready for Aunt Robin to read her a story. Eddie and Bingo will be on the top of the stack of books because it does teach a moral. I want my niece to have strong morals. I want my niece to grow up with the strength and courage that, own her own and without approval, she would free a cat or rescue Bingo. I want her to know the satisfaction of finding a win/win solution.

Eddie and Bingo is all about knowing the right way will find the winning solution.

Tomorrow the discussion opens. Please join in.


The featured authors are so excited about dialoging with you this weekend!

It’s rather brave of them what with everyone tackling drives to relatives and friends, turkey (don’t forget to remove that pesky bag inside the bird) and clean-up.

Give yourself a break. Fix a cup of tea and join the discussion.

Here’s a summary sent to me by the authors.

After Eddie found the puppy on deck he quickly scooped him up and hid him in his bunk. The puppy loved hiding under the covers and in his pea coat to keep extra warm. Eddie and his buddies got a kick out of finding him chewing and gnawing on their shoelaces. When they were swabbing the decks he would climb into their mop bucket-it was bath time for Bingo! They named him Bingo as that was the Captain’s favorite game. Keeping the puppy a secret was theirs. Bingo was getting better at hiding so Eddie placed his dog tags around his neck so they could hear him coming and going.

Eddie felt that he didn’t find Bingo but that Bingo found him. Bingo was like a guardian angel at sea. He distracted them from the tensions of war and gave them a little slice of home while on board the ship. Bingo was fascinated with Eddie’s camera and equipment. He often climbed into the gear bag. Bingo even posed for a picture. When the Captain finally found out about Bingo he agreed to let him stay aboard as the crew’s mascot for a short time. Now Eddie and his buddies were tasked with finding a home for a very special pup while in a foreign land. This was a heartfelt effort even though they knew they would miss him terribly.