Natural remedy for colds and flu

Thea’s Gyspsy Cold Care
For coughs, colds and flu. Promotes circulation and elimination. Take 1 tsp. as needed in warm water or tea.

Elderberry Syrup

9 cups Fresh or frozen elderberries,
2 oz. fresh ginger chopped,
30 whole cloves
1 cup honey

Simmer elderberries, ginger and cloves until reduced. Strain, return to pot, add honey and simmer until reduced by half. bottle, refrigerate and use within three months.

I’ll be cutting the ingredients in half. Also, did a quick search around local stores websites. They have the berries!

This Saturday Thea Summer Deer will be with us talking about her book: “Wisdom of the Plant Divas”. Cook up some questions for her. If you need inspiration, take a look back over the last three or four posts and watch her video or go over to her website. It’s all good!

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