From Garden to Plate

Edible vining spinach

Italian Eggs

Harvested a few spinach leaves, made ones of those rollie-up things to assist chopping, diced the spinach and some onion and red peppers, thus the Italian eggs. Made by a short little descendant of Italian grandparents no less. Scrambled the eggs (mostly whites) in lemon-infused olive oil. Toasted sourdough on the side. Spinach tasted slightly peppery, not overpowering, though. Very nice brunch.


Sweet things…

While I’m on the subject of sweet things…

Dan and Clarence’s Retirement Dinner

We celebrated the wonderful day with another retiree. Now for the rest of life and all those things we’ve pushing to the back burner — *rubbing hands together in anticipation* — like travel, genealogy, and just lazing around the house, maybe pulling a weed or two.

Suggestions on where we should go?