The book world is changing.  I’m a writer working on my first novel (I cannot seem to revise fast enough) and watching the book industry experience a core meltdown. Maybe you’ve noticed that, purchased an electronic reader, or grown accustomed to working out with headphones blasting books on tape, perhaps you order novels and such through the net.   I’m adding to the change, but in a way I hope reaches out.


This blog is for authors who have published their first books.  You know, the brand-spanking, wet-behind-the ears, new ones.   So…

  • One featured author a month
  • Where to buy the book
  • Little bit about them and what interests them
  • Video trailers, if possible
  • YouTube videos
  • Links to associated pages
  • Links to their FB pages or blogs
  • I may think of other things or you may suggest something

The last weekend of the month, I’ll host the author taking your comments.  Please feel free to chat them up.  That’s the idea.




10 comments on “About

  1. E A M Harris says:

    Hi, I’ve tagged you and your lovely blog for an award. For details follow http://eamharris.com/2012/06/27/mrs-sparklys-ten-commandments-award-nominations/

  2. Steve Theme says:

    Hi Robin –

    I’m coming out with my first book in a month or two, an inspirational memoir, how can I send you a copy for review?

    Steve Theme

    • debutauthors says:

      Hi Steve, thanks for viewing the blog and contacting me. I do vet the authors for background and in general for content, but I confess I do not read every book cover to cover, nor will I comment on the author’s craft. You guys as readers should determine from the exchanges on this site and from further research if the book is for you. Mainly I look at subject matter and whether it is generally appropriate material. That last one is broad and vague, but if you dig into the authors and books that have been featured, you’ll gain a sense about what I mean.

      As an author hoping to appear on the site, the best way is to send on a representative sample, say the first chapter or a synopsis and a bio to robinyaklin@sbcglobal.net.

  3. Just saw this on wordpress. What a nice way to help new authors get noticed! I have a book that is making its way in the world these days – my first. I’ve used the same blog design as you to help promote it!

    “Cook Up A Story” helps families talk about healthy eating without using that awful F-word… “fat”. A half dozen stories of adventure and discovery form the back bone of the book. Food is an element of the plots. Kids and their families can follow the accompanying recipes to cook up the stories!

    Foods are all low in sugar, salt and fats and high in protein and fiber. Vinny Grette, boy chef, pipes in throughout with cooking tips, food trivia, and nutrition facts. People start eating better without even trying.

    There are so many ways to eat healthy, Vinny doesn’t play favorites. He just gives the basics, so people know where to start in making up their own minds about what’s good for them. The only F-word Vinny uses is Fun! Have a look and see what you think… and let him know you’ve been.

    Good luck with your novel! – Sharon

  4. Wish I’d seen your website when I self-published my first book in 2008!!! Let me know if you ever expand the site for “repeat authors” !

  5. Rena Taylor says:

    Great project, Robin!
    And great choice for a featured author!
    As I am familiar with both Kathleen Rodgers and her novel. A Final Salute, I can vouch to any reader that this is a great read and true to the subject of the dangerous lives and the courage of military men and their families. The novel is funny (in appropriate places), very serious in others, and promotes the value of close families and friendships. It challenges us all to be people of faith and courage.

  6. Kathleen,

    Congratulations on being this month’s featured author. My daughter-in-law and I are newbies to this industry and we have recently put out a children’s book. We are always looking for advice from seasoned authors. Katherine and Kathleen

    • Hi Katherine and Kathleen,

      I’m so sorry for the delay in my response. I just now saw your post. Hope you’ll tune in this Saturday, Aug. 29, for a discussion about writing, the business and all points in between.
      Feel free to contact me at kathleen@kathleenMrodgers.com

      Congrats to you and your daughter. Once your book is out comes the foot work: marketing. Argh… 😉

      Hope to hear from you again,


  7. Dear Robin,

    I am tickled silly pink to be the featured author for August. (Note: I’m wearing pink in that old photo of me as a teen.)

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. I have lots to say about the craft of writing, and I am passionate about helping other writers.

    Looking forward to the discussion the last week of August.


  8. debutauthors says:

    This blog is for new authors and for readers who love to discover them. I’m hot on this topic because I’m a writer and have just come from a conference where the participants worked on their novels, memoirs, essays, and short stories. All hoped one day they would find publishers and need readers besides family and good friends. Perhaps this is the place.

    These writers reach out with their work, a communication, so to speak. Reach back. Find out how the idea for the work was born. How many years, yes years, it took to produce. What odd jobs they’ve held to keep afloat or if they teach as did Frank McCort. Who they read for inspiration. Maybe you share favorite authors. How many manuscripts they’ve stashed in the back of the bottom file drawer. There, hope your mind is whirling with questions and comments and that when I snag the first interview with a debut author you’ll jump in.

    In the meantime, thanks for bookmarking this page.

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