The village herbalist


Her book is “Wisdom of the Plant Devas”.
I’ve found it most readily available at or on her website.


I’ll be taking a holiday next Friday in preparation for our family Christmas celebrations. Wishing you all peace and well-deserved rest as the year draws to a close. Of course, happy holidays, a joyous and prosperous new year, and safe travels!


“Final Salute” by Kathleen Rodgers

Her debut novel about life in the air force. Of course, she ought to know. She is married to a former jet jockey.

Inside this link, you’ll find how to purchase it from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle as well as reviews and a biography for her.

Merry reading!

P.S.: Ya know, I don’t understand why sometimes the links work and sometimes they don’t. This is a don’t. But, I have faith that you guys can research either her name or the tile on the web. Just saying…

Busy Month and Gift Ideas

My family has just about every birthday and anniversary smashed into this month. We are so busy! And, because you guys are preparing for the holidays, I’ll post about the authors and what they are doing now.

Think gift ideas, gang.

‘Scent of the Missing’ by Susannah Charleson goes viral: