On the internet news, I saw this story.

Pulls at your heart strings. Even the reporter was aghast. Did you see her hand at her mouth?

Here’s a similar story.

Our neighborhood went into action.

A stray dog was sited wandering the alleys and sleeping nestled in some Asian jasmine behind our immediate neighbor’s house.

We live off a busy street and the animal lovers, individually, (I’m serious. None of us formed a committee or anything.) put out water and dog food. The idea: keep her in the neighborhood and off the main boulevard–six petrifying lanes of bumper to bumper madness– until someone could catch her. She had a beautiful graceful stance, a pink collar, and a green bandana. For sure, a pet.

About a week passed and no one could catch this frightened animal. Then, one morning, my husband and I turned onto our home street only to…

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