“Final Salute” by Kathleen Rodgers

Her debut novel about life in the air force. Of course, she ought to know. She is married to a former jet jockey.

Inside this link, you’ll find how to purchase it from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle as well as reviews and a biography for her.

Merry reading!

P.S.: Ya know, I don’t understand why sometimes the links work and sometimes they don’t. This is a don’t. But, I have faith that you guys can research either her name or the tile on the web. Just saying…

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2 comments on ““Final Salute” by Kathleen Rodgers

  1. Here’s the link to my website in case anyone wants to read more about my journey as a writer.


  2. Robin,

    You are so kind to remember me and my novel “The Final Salute.” Thank
    you so much for featuring me and my work the month of August.
    Here’s a link to Kindle/Kindle Fire edition of The Final Salute:


    Thank you again,


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