Busy Month and Gift Ideas

My family has just about every birthday and anniversary smashed into this month. We are so busy! And, because you guys are preparing for the holidays, I’ll post about the authors and what they are doing now.

Think gift ideas, gang.

‘Scent of the Missing’ by Susannah Charleson goes viral:


5 comments on “Busy Month and Gift Ideas

  1. Kat T. says:

    Hoping everyone has a healthy and happy Holiday Season! Please keep our Military in your thoughts, their families as well!

  2. How exciting to have a TV pilot for your book! The world of the search dog is so special. People do not realize what it takes to train such a dog. Good luck with the TV pilot.

  3. Kat T. says:

    Wow ! Thanks Billye-My thought too! We would love to see our book “Eddie and Bingo” , made into a movie also!! At the moment…we are currently trying to have our pup Bingo made into a plush toy! Wish us luck and we hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  4. Melissa says:

    I’ve enjoyed Susannah Charleson’s Facebook posts about her movie co-stars — a Puzzle for each age.

  5. I would recommend Scent of the Missing for anyone who is a dog lover. Fascinating book. I imagine it would make a great TV show or movie.
    Also for dog lovers in the younger crowd (or people like me who still read children’s books), check out Eddy & Bingo. Gotta love it. This should also be a movie.

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