I’m a sucker for a guy in uniform

This is one of our author’s husband and the other’s father. He’s the guy who found Bingo onboard a ship.

In celebration of Veterans’ Day, here’s the history and some renditions of
‘Anchors Aweigh’.

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5 comments on “I’m a sucker for a guy in uniform

  1. Kat Taylor says:

    I went to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Veterans Day with family. Such a wonderful place to celebrate our Armed Forces! Katherine and I also returned there on Saturday to meet author Tom Ruck. We purchased his book Sacred Ground A Tribute To Americas Veterans. It is a pictorial tour of American Military cemetaries with commentary from famous Americans. The royalties go to The Freedom Alliance a scholarship fund to benefit the children of fallen soldiers.
    We really enjoyed meeting with him! Please post how you spent your Veterans Day! Or any other way you pay tribute to our great veterans!

    • debutauthors says:

      Sunday (past) the veterans were honored during the football game. The cameras captured them having such a good time. Well deserved, too. Just made ya want to stand up and clap at the TV. At every hockey game, soldiers and their families are applauded. That tradition began during the first Gulf War. It continues still.

  2. Kat T. says:

    Wow love this Robin! Your gonna make me cry! But to clear up one thing -I am lucky & proud to say that handsome sailor is my dad! But …the story was written by my mother-in-law-Katherine and me(Kathleen). Although, my mother’s name is Catherine also, to confuse everyone even more!

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