A final good-bye, hurricanes, and ghosts

Final Good-bye

“The Final Salute” takes on some tough subjects; however, Kathleen, who is one forthright lady, can handle them.   Many thanks to her for spending the month as the featured author on a rather intense weekend.  Time for Kathleen to take off, though.  (pun intended)

Goodnight Irene

Hope Hurricane Irene treated you kindly, if she was at your house.


Next month the author is Ann Hite, “Ghost on Black Mountain.”  Look for a post about her next Friday.


One comment on “A final good-bye, hurricanes, and ghosts

  1. Robin,

    You will adore September’s debut author, Ann Hite. A few words about her new novel: “From the moment I started reading “Ghost On Black Mountain,”
    Nellie Pritchard walked into my heart and took up residence. And she didn’t come alone. Others followed.

    Like the mountain itself – populated with strong women, restless spirits, and unspeakable secrets – once this story gets in your blood, you can never really leave it”

    ~ Kathleen Rodgers.

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