Susannah talking about search dogs


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  1. Linda, thank you! It should be available just about anywhere, or if they’re out, it’s certainly order-able from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders (while they’re still open), etc. Independent bookstores have been very supportive of ‘Scent,’ and if they too are out, I’m sure they can get it.

    I was in a Borders briefly today — closing, sadly — the very Borders I wrote part of the book in, and this particular shop is receiving books daily from their Midwestern warehouses because they get such high traffic. There are some pretty good discounts going on, and I did find ‘Scent ‘in hardcover and softcover there. (I actually bought the two hardcovers, as nonprofits ask me to donate books frequently for fundraisers, and I was out of hardcovers to donate!)

    It felt very strange to buy my own book not 50 feet from where I’d written and revised much of it. Thank you so much for wanting to read it, and I’d love to hear what you think! I’m on Facebook and certainly findable by email through All best!

    -=Susannah & Puz

  2. Linda Nelson says:

    I’m going to go looking for your book! It sounds fascinating!

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