First Post

Conference Co-founder telling a fairy tale

This blog is for new authors and for readers who love to discover them.  I’m hot on this topic because I’m a writer and have just come from a conference where the participants worked on their novels, memoirs, essays, and short stories.  All hoped one day they would find publishers and need readers besides family and good friends.  Perhaps this is the place.

These writers reach out with their work, a communication, so to speak.  Reach back.  Find out how the idea for the work was born.  How many years, yes years, it took to produce.  What odd jobs they’ve held to keep afloat or if they teach as did Frank McCort.  Who they read for inspiration.  Maybe you share favorite authors.  How many manuscripts they’ve stashed in the back of the bottom file drawer.  There, hope your mind is whirling with questions and comments and that when I snag the first interview with a debut author you’ll jump in.

In the meantime, thanks for bookmarking this page.